Our Technology

For 10 years we have been refining our Carbon-Carbon (C/C) Composite materials for both friction and non-friction applications. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to change the material properties and therefore the coefficient of friction, thermal & electrical conductivity, density, wear resistance, porosity, and other attributes. All achieved with lead-times in days or weeks versus months!

Our Company

Carlisle Brake & Friction has been producing aerospace grade friction materials for over 85 years including our first application of material on transmission linings used in the Ford Model “T”.

Common Applications

  • Hot Glass Handling
  • Powdered Metal and Metal Injection Molding Sintering Trays
  • Atmosphere and Vacuum Furnaces
  • High-Temp Fasteners
  • Racing Brakes
  • Racing Clutches
  • Energy Production
Contact Information:
E-mail: sales@carlislecbf.com, Phone: 1-855-403-9083 (Located in the Eastern Time Zone USA)



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