From breadth of product, to a problem-solving design team, to global manufacturing and support, Carlisle Brake & Friction can satisfy your hydraulic control, brake and friction needs. The ability to design and manufacture complete braking systems that provide the stopping power our customers demand has always been a hallmark of Carlisle. Our engineering group develops integrated brake solutions that move from the foot pedal to the hydraulic actuator to the brake, including the friction material. We offer brake designs that range from dry disc, caliper brakes to wet disc brakes to drum brakes. The most recent outgrowth of our ongoing R&D program is a complete line of wind turbine brakes for rotor and yaw applications.

Brake Systems


Hydraulic Controls

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Friction Materials

Carlisle Brake & Friction is working to meet your future needs today. We continually invest in the development of new materials and processes to find solutions for your specific applications. We maintain the largest selection of diverse friction material technologies in the marketplace! Based on decades of application engineering knowledge, our aftermarket product lines demonstrate our ability to effectively apply these friction technologies to a plethora of motion control applications & vehicles by incorporating specific friction materials for each individual application to ensure proper performance.

Friction Components

Structural Components

Friction Material Technologies

Carlisle Brake & Friction is recognized as the global leader in original equipment & aftermarket severe duty paper friction technology. We manufacture a variety of low to high density organic, graphitic, low met and carbon papers. These discs are specifically designed for power shift transmission, steering clutch, differential lock up and wet brake applications.
There is no substitute for Carlisle’s HDT graphite discs. This unique and proprietary friction technology is only available through VelveTouch aftermarket distributors, rebuilders and original equipment manufacturers. These discs are specifically designed for power shift transmission, forward and reverse clutch and wet brake applications. HDT graphite is a refractory, non-metallic friction material with high power absorption capability and smooth engagement characteristics.
Steel opposing plate quality is critical to the durability & performance of friction discs and motion control systems. VelveTouch steel opposing plates are manufactured with only the highest quality hot & cold rolled steel. Carlisle’s state of the art stamping presses and high speed laser cutting equipment produce both aftermarket and original equipment parts. All steel opposing plates go through additional secondary operations and quality inspections to ensure proper flatness, parallelism, surface conditioning, structural strength and fitment.
Carlisle Brake & Friction manufactures advanced technology, semi-metallic brake pads for some of the most severe applications on the planet. From motorsports to mining equipment, our semi-metallic materials provide superior performance under the most brutal braking conditions. Carlisle’s semi-metallics are available in a variety of application specific formulations. Each formulation is engineered to provide superior fade resistance, friction wear, opposing plate wear and coefficient of friction levels when used in hot or cold brake applications.
Carlisle Brake & Friction organic friction expertise spans a broad range of non-asbestos material technologies. Our organic friction materials are produced in various forms including cloth, composites, fabrics and cellulose paper, and are utilized in transmission, wet brake and industrial motion control systems.
As an original equipment supplier, Carlisle Brake & Friction understands the need for different friction material technologies for the heavy duty transmission market. We offer proper friction material technology for each application. The transmission disc materials we offer are graphitic, HDT, paper, sintered metallic (bronze and iron based), and steel.
Carlisle Brake & Friction is the undeniable friction leader in the severe duty and high performance clutch markets. Our clutch buttons, facings and full ring discs provide rebuilders and clutch manufacturers with a substantial performance advantage over the competition. These clutch products maintain a dominant market share in a variety of end markets including agriculture, military, motorsports, off-highway truck, performance automotive, and on-highway truck.
Carlisle Brake & Friction develops and manufactures the most advanced wet friction materials in the world. Our extensive original equipment and aftermarket experience allows us to produce a variety of friction materials that have surpassed the rigors of any wet friction environment. Our wet friction materials last longer and provide more power transfer than any other aftermarket supplier. We offer an extensive line of wet friction parts engineered for specific applications.
Carlisle Brake & Friction’s semi-ceramic brake pads dramatically reduce annual maintenance costs and increase vehicle up-time with superior friction and opposing plate wear life. Also available are a variety of industrial equipment brake pads formulated with application specific friction materials. Carbon semi-metallic disc brake pads are designed specifically for the extreme performance requirements of police and ambulance fleets. Our pad’s maximum stopping power and brake reliability are two key features that provide officers and EMT professional with driving confidence.
Carlisle Brake & Friction is the only option for medium duty construction service brakes utilized on wheel loaders, ADTs, mobile cranes, tow behind scrapers, logging vehicles, and industrial equipment.
Products: Two Piston Caliper Brakes, Four Piston Caliper Brakes, and Six Piston Caliper Brakes
Perfect for mobile mining and construction equipment and industrial equipment.
Products: J6, SCL19, SCL56, F4, FF4, FF6, PD1425
Perfect for electric and internal combustion fork lift trucks, transmission mounted park brakes, towed agriculture equipment, scissor-lifts, and aerial lifts, Carlisle’s Full Circle Dry Disc Brakes provide a higher torque output, extended friction life, and quiet application.
Products: FCL, FCS, FCP
Carlisle’s ball and ramp brake is a standard design on many agricultural machines. It is a highly efficient low cost mechanical braking solution and is available in many agricultural tractors and vehicles. Our ball and ramp brakes are available in a number of diameters and the brake can be actuated with a slave cylinder or manual lever.
Applications include front-end loaders, backhoe loaders, ADTs, haulage trucks, tele-hanlders, tractors, rough terrain cranes, underground mining, winches, and industrial applications.
Products: SA14000, SA7000, SA2500,PD1134, PD1591, PD1599, SCL25, RT5000, RT7000, G1, G2, SCL70
Carlisle Brake & Friction’s service drum brakes are perfect for military vehicles, industrial applications and forklifts.
Products: DLH and DSH Series, FSH Series, and Wedge Brakes
For lift trucks, tugs, construction equipment, and medium duty trucks, Carlisle Brake & Friction’s park drum brakes are the best option on the market.
Products: DLM Series and DSW Series
Carlisle Brake & Friction combination park and service brakes are utilized in mining haulage trucks, underground mining shuttle vehicles, pavement profilers, mobile construction, and industrial equipment.
Products: HDBC4225 Series, SCL8 and SCL10
Carlisle Brake & Friction offers a number of brake designs that are ideal for wind turbine yaw and rotor applications. With the phenomenal growth of wind power around the globe in the last few years, Carlisle has turned its attention to meeting the needs of wind’s biggest and most innovative wind turbine manufacturers.
Products: Yaw Brakes: WBA6-120, WBA4-90
Rotor Brakes: WBA4-90, WBA1-75-SC, WBA1-90-SC, PD1425, SCL56, WBA6-120
Carlisle Brake & Friction offers two valves for articulated dump trucks, mining haulage trucks, mobile cranes, lift trucks, and industrial equipment airport tugs.
Products: 1100 and 2100
Carlisle’s automatic adjusters are used for in-line adjustment of high displacement hydraulic brakes, such as wet brakes. The adjuster also compensates for clearance reduction due to thermal contraction of the brake.
Products: Dual Circuit and Single Circuit
Carlisle’s Pontypool, U.K. division provides a vast array of master and slave cylinders that supplies a hydrostatic medium for delivering a set volume of braking oil from your pedal to your brake.
Products: Slave Cylinders, Single Boosted Master Cylinders, Single Tandem Boosted Master Cylinders, Twin Boosted Master Cylinders, Midi Boosted Master Cylinders, Twin Tandem Boosted master Cylinders, PRV Boosted Master Cylinders, and Master Cylinders.



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