Meet the Team


Mily Rodriguez, International Sales – Latin America



Q. How long have you been employed by Carlisle?

A. I joined Carlisle in July 2010, six years this year!


Q. What are some of your primary responsibilities?

A. Some of my past responsibilities include International Customer Account Service and coordination. I now concentrate in managing International (Latin America) accounts for the Carlisle, VelveTouch by Carlisle and Hawk Performance aftermarket brands. My current role is International Sales for Latin America.


Q. What recent initiatives have you observed to improve the customer experience at Carlisle?

A. Carlisle’s commercial teams have always been fully invested in providing customers with the best experience possible from their first encounter with the organization, to the delivery of the highest quality products. Currently, I see a stronger focus in increasing the speed to react to customer needs. To that end, the sales and marketing group have adopted the CRM software system, which is now up and running in all Carlisle global locations, facilitating collaboration around sales, marketing, and customer service teams, thus resulting in quicker response times to customers. The solution is helping to offer better and more accurate information in order to maintain consistency in a complex environment. 


Q. What have you achieved while working for Carlisle that you are proud of?

A. Carlisle has provided me the opportunity to expand my engineering and project management knowledge, while working to complete many different projects.  It has been amazing to actively participate as lead with many managers to introduce new parts and see profitable projects succeed. My greatest achievement while employed at Carlisle has been working to support and grow the LATAM business organically and systematically while working in tandem with our plants, our wonderful customer service, marketing and engineering teams to provide exceptional solutions.


Q. What was the most memorable event that you have experienced during your career at Carlisle?

A. Visiting many sites in different countries and meeting people from different cultures has been enriching to say the least. There have been many memorable and fulfilling experiences as a result of visiting these remote areas and being able to promote the Carlisle product advantages. And, as a result to see the increase in overall product coverage throughout the Latin American market has been very fulfilling.


Q. What would you say is your overall viewpoint of Carlisle?

A. Carlisle provides a wonderful work environment, filled with intelligent and outstanding individuals to learn from. It is a challenging and stimulating work environment where there is never a dull moment.


Q. If you could do ANYTHING for a day, what would it be?

A. I’d love to have a time machine and travel back in time with my children and my husband so they could meet my Dad and spend a whole day with him.